Fallen Angles of Sorrow Policies

Squad/Division Transfer Policy - Members wanting a transfer must first get the approval of their general/division leader while following the correct chain of command, and can only be only be completed upon reasonable request. Said member must wait for the maximum wait time of five days for the division to approve the request. Before or during that wait, transferring member must get three recruits to replace them in their old squads.

Dating Policy- Two members are not permitted to be dating within the same squad unless they are married/living together. If two members are caught dating within the same squad and aren't married/living together they will be  demoted or even squad/division transferred.                                                                  

Code of Conduct Policy -
Violating the code of conduct for the first time will result in a warning of the offense. Second time will result in a rank suspension, which may vary in length depending on the severity of the offense. Third time violating the Code of Conduct will result in the member having their membership revoked.

Sexual Harassment Policy -
*NOTE* This only applies after propper measures have been taken (blocking comms, deleting said person, etc.) If the problem persists after steps have been taken, legitimate, physical evidence must be provided, or several non-biased witness to vouch for the offense. A demotion will result from the first time offense. If the problem still persists, the offender will have their membership revoked.

Blacklist Policy -
Members, non-members, and/ or clans can only be blacklisted with well defined, visible evidence, multiple counts of offense, multiple witness accounts, or any combination of those evidences. A blacklist can only be made official by two senior directors or higher, and said blacklisted group must be added onto the site.