We are a dedicated and driven group of people who wish to see hard work, patience, just, and productive behaviors from our members, leaders, and clan as a whole. We wish to bring you the best clan experience for our members as possible, including on and off console. We try to accomplish this by bringing you all what was enjoyed by us from our clan experiences, along with any improved variables as well. Our main goal as a clan is to stand out as a clan, to be a more then your average Xbox clan. To have the best leaders and members with strong ethics and mind set for our clan. We are community like no other to bring the best gaming exerice with the best members and leaders Leading.

Something we wish to see above all else that only the lower ranks of FAoS, AKA the backbone of a clan, is feedback. Positive feedback, negative feedback, suggestions, complaints, or anything else of the sorts. We recognize your importance and want to be sure you and your opinions are heard. So if you have any feedback about the FAoS in anyway on how we can be a better clan in anyway, you can message FAoS Panda IV over Xbox Live. Another way you can submit suggestions or complaints is via e-mail. " Hate mail " will not be put under consideration with that being said, please enjoy your time with us, and we are happy to have you here.