Code of Conduct

​​​Fallen Angles of Sorrow Code of Conduct

I.) All FAoS members must read and follow the FAoS Code of Conduct, FAoS Policies, and Xbox live terms of service.

II.) FAoS members must show respect towards all members and non-members, and their opinions.

III.) FAoS members must be proactive members in their squad, division, and clan as a whole, including getting recruits, performing rank responsibilities, etc.

IV.) All FAoS members are entitled to the “Open Door Policy” with any leaders of FAoS. However, members are expected to follow the “chain of command” and report to leadership directly above their rank. If the member is concerned with a leader directly above their rank, they may ask a higher leader to remediate their issue.

V.) If a FAoS member does not have FAoS in their Gamer tag, they must have it in there clan tag at all times while playing in public matches. However if a member has FAoS in their Gamer tag they aren't required to have it in their clan tag at all times. Also members in a squad or division meeting must have their ranks in their clan tag, to representing their position inside the squad, division, or clan.

VI.) Members must attend at least one of the two squad meetings hosted in their squad per week, and/or any other squad activities held (optional). If one cannot attend either meeting, they must inform their squad leaders before hand if possible, and the reason why they could not attend.

VII.) FAoS Members are not permitted to be a part of any other clan, community or organization other than XGN. This also includes members that have other Xbox Live Gamer tags.