FAoS Rank Structure & Responsibilities

Private- "PVT"
Main responsibilities- To just attend His/Her first meeting so, He/Her learn more about the squad and what we're about.

Corporal- "CPL"
Main responsibilities- To attend meetings, a game night, and/or a recruiting class to gain more knowledge on how to recruit and rank up.

​Sergeant- "SGT"
Main responsibilities- To attend again meetings, ect. also to have at least 2-3 recruits. To be active so you meet new people, have fun.

Staff sergeant- "SSG"
Main responsibilities- To recruit at least 3-5, again attend meetings ect. and start looking on how to get into the staff position in His/Her squad. (if interested in the positions)

Master Sergeant- "MSG"
Main responsibilities- To again attend meetings ect., to recruit 5-8 people at least, help lower ranks on recruiting and Get that named changed. Also get trained by a Lt. (this only applies to people who are try to become a Staff member in His/Her squad same goes for the name change)

Lieutenants-Captains "LT-CPT"

Main Responsibilities- performing specified jobs

1st Captain: Hold all workshops for the squad and to make sure the other captains are working and doing there job.

2nd Captain: Handles competitive things for squad (like scrims or anything of the sort). Also should be hosting at least one game night or activity a week.

3rd Captain: Help the 2nd Captain do his job.

4th Captain: main focus is to make sure recruits are coming in, checking in on these new recruits, recruiting themselves, etc.

*note* All Lt have the job of helping captains if need be and making sure the Msgts are doing their jobs and to make sure Msgts are ready for a Lt test (Training).


Major-General "MAJ-GEN"

Main Responsibilities- making sure squad is running smoothly, their squad is active, recruits are coming in, meetings are being held, etc. Major will run squad with anything needed if general is not present.

Co-Founder "CoFo"

Main Responsibilities- make sure the squad(s) that CoFo resides over are up to par, and running smoothly. Should be able to answer any questions or concerns presented to them from any of the lower ranks, specifically a general.

The “Co-Founder” rank is given to a General who has shown exceptional leadership skills. The Co-Founder should supervise 2-3 squads at a time, coordinate with Generals and aid in fulfilling the goals of the division. This member should be fully knowledgeable in all aspects of “Squad Security” and should be able to deal with major issues. If the acting General is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, the Co-Founder may step in to help maintain the squad. Finally, the Co-Founder can approve/disapprove squad transfers within their division.


Main Responsibilities- are there to help a co-founder if something is not of the cofos ability to handle themselves. Founders should be much more experienced than a cofo.

Overseeing all the squads of the division, make sure all the positions below them are doing their jobs correctly, solving any problem the Generals might bring to them.

Co-Division Leader-Division Leader:

Main Responsibilities- make sure entire division is running smoothly, all squads are updated on any new information, host division meetings, etc. Type your paragraph here.
FAoS Recruiting Template
When joining FAoS Gaming members must first be 15 years of age or older if you are younger than that you may not be permitted to join FAoS Gaming. (Exceptions can be made by leaders)

​When joining FAoS Gaming members must have their clan, squad, division, and rank in their Xbox motto.

When joining FAoS Gaming members must have who they were recruited by and date in their Xbox bio.

​When joining FAoS Gaming members must send a friends request to their Squad Tag and squad General to be fully apart of FAoS.
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Major Test - To become the Major of a squad you must 14+ recruits and you must have at least 8+ meetings attended. To pass the Major test you must take the Lieutenant test and the Captain test as well as the Major test and pass all three of them. The Major must be able to list the ranks Private - General correctly and must explain the job of a Major and pass a scenario test.
FAoS Test Requirements
Major and General Scenario Test - This scenario test will test to see how the General or Major would react and take action in the Sexual Harassment Policy, Squad/Division Transfer Policy, Code of Conduct Policy, Dating Policy.
Co-Div and Div leader test - The on-coming Div leader must retake every test from Lieutenant to Co-Founder test. The on-coming Div Leader must know the rank responsibilities from Lt. to Gen. perfectly. The on-coming division leader must know exactly how many people it takes for a division to split (650 members) and must as well know how to give a Co-Founder test. Then the on-coming Div-Leader must pass a scenario test.
General test - to become a general you must retake a Lieutenant test, Captain test, and a Major test once the on-coming general passes those tests he must explain the jobs of ranks in his squad and list the ranks Private to General. After the on-coming General passes those he must take a scenario test and pass that.
Co-Founder Scenario Test - The Co-Founder Scenario Test must know how to react and take action in the Code of Conduct Policy and the Sexual Harassment Policy, and the Squad/Division Transfer Policy.
Lieutenant Test - Every Lieutenant is required to have at least 7+ recruits and 3+ meetings before attempting a Lieutenant test. In this test the individual being tested must know the following things and answer them correctly- The ranks from Private - General and the job of a Lieutenant correctly.​
Fallen Angles of Sorrow Test Requirements
welcome about us FAoS Policies Code Of Conduct Rank Responsibilities Recruiting Template test contact Blacklist
Co-Founder Test - A Co-Founder must first have split a squad successfully to reach the Co-Founder rank. Once done with that task the on-coming co-founder must pass a Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and General test and successfully pass all four of them and then give the ranks Private-Founder correctly and on the first try or you must restart. Then the on-coming Co-Founder must pass a scenario test.
Captain Test - Every Captain is required to have at least 10+ recruits and 6+ meeting before attempting a Captain test. In the test the individual being tested must know the following things and answer them correctly- The ranks from Private - General and the jobs of all four captains.
Scenario Test - A Scenario test is a test in which the instructor of the test ask the member taking the test questions referring to how to handle situations mattering on what rank they are. (Answers to these Scenario Tests will be found in the FAoS Policies and the person giving the test will base the answers he is given off the policies and choose if that person taking the test will pass or not).
​Co-Division and Division Leader Scenario Test - The Co Division and Division Leaders are to know how to react to all the policies and how to take action to them. Sexual Harassment Policy, Dating Policy, Squad/Division Transfer Policy, Blacklist Policy, Code of Conduct Policy.