Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff




Description: The President of the board is the overseer of the Board and Community. He/she is responsible for running the Board smoothly and effectively. His/her duties typically include maintaining and coordinating strong communication with the rest of the staff, formulating the Communities strategy and operations, and dealing with major corporate decisions. The president of the board is the highest rank within FAoS Gaming


Vice President

FAoS Blunts IV


Description: The Vice President’s primary responsibilities are managing operations and assisting in growth and development of staff as well as the overall community. This involves expanding and securing new games, managing projects that meets or exceeds projections, and participating in the internal management of FAoS.



FAoS Reed IV


Description: The Chairman is responsible for presiding over board or committee meetings. The chairman ensures that the meetings run smoothly and remain orderly, and works at achieving a consensus in board decisions


Chief Executive Officer


Description: The focus of the CEO is on strategic, tactical, and short-term OM. He is responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the clans’s products/ services.